Past Projects & Experiences & CV


On this page you can observe the projects & workshops & Experiences I have had, till now.


CV Pol Van Den Berg
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2020 June - Registered as one-man business Klinkende Klanken at the Kamer van Koophandel Utrecht

2020 June - Finishing my bachelor composition as well as my Voice Liberation study

2020 June - Première Labyrinth dedicated to Guus Janssen, in Ezinge

2020 June - Première recording Bloemetjes no 1-7 at the Church of Fransum

2020 February  - Bie Mekoar Bachelor Presentation Composition at the AS Hall of the KC The Hague

2020 February - Two workshops given to Pabo/ Bachelor music teacher students, about composition and voice liberation

2020 January till March - Given Voice Liberation Workshops and Singing Bowl concerts in Rotterdam


2019 July - Première Magnificat Electronic Composition

2019 April - Première Uit 't Urspronklijcke Ontloken at the Spring Festival The Hague

2019 April - Première A Rose, a song for soprano and piano quatre-mains


2018 September till December - Giving Voice Liberation Workshops in Ezinge

2018 September - Starting my study Voice Liberation, Amsterdam

2018 January till may - Studying Singing Bowl Therapy  at Kundalini Singing Bowl & Herbal Therapy

2018 till 2020 - Giving Singing Bowl concerts & Healings with Diane Martien van den Berg in Ezinge


2017 October - Première recording Herfstbladeren for piano at Ezinge

2017 July till September - Working at Ecolonie, an ecological community in France

2017 June - Première Holland Festival (70 jaar Holland Festival van A - Z) Project with students from TIME and KC

2017 May -  Première Singer Sitting on a Chair & Singer Screaming under Table with the Odd 7 at the KABK The Hague

2017 April - Première Concerto for conductor and Imaginary Choir at the Spring Festival The Hague

2017 April - Première Sonata in collaboration with Cornelis de Bondt at the Spring Festival The Hague


2016 June - Publication collection of poems: Hoe de dichter dichter werd

2016 June- Première As ik dood bin, to a poem of Simon van Wattum at the Rhijnhof in Leiden

2016 April - Première Del Roy for trumpet in c; at the Spring Festival The Hague

2016 February - Première Nocturno Dolce for Tenor Recorder at Nutshuis The Hague 

2016 January  - Première Paradisus in Die Irae at Akoesticum in Ede and KC The Hague

2016 January - Started working as freelancer by Student plus assisting highschool students with their homework

2016 till 2017 - Freelance Musician by the Royal Electro Acoustic Ensemble


2015  December - Première Silent Music and Sound for walking performer with Snare Drum at Korzo Theatre The Hague

2015   June - Première Noar Diek, Recorder duet at Summer Festival KC The Hague

2015  June - Première Wolken for piano solo, at Summer Festival KC The Hague

2015 June - Première Huize Kunstman for Saxophone Quartet at Summer Festival The Hague

2015 may - Première publication of fifty musical birthsday presents for my friends and classmates

2015  April - Première Oarden Ien Dij Locht for Mezzo soprano and Horn at the Spring Festival The Hague

2015 January - Translation Daphne and Apollo to from Latin via Dutch to Gronings


2014 October - Première Een opengesteld domein by the Young NBE  wind ensemble

2014 April - Première 5th sonet by Shakespeare for Tenor and Oboe 


2013 November - Première recording Een Lied tot Onzer Aard, written for choir Mnemosyne

2013 November - Première Ros Beiaard written for Carillon, voorprogramma Bosch Requiem 2013

2013 October - Première ECGD & Vrolijkheidje by the young NBE wind ensemble

2013 April - Première Astfanginn astrida og gudsgjof for Soprano, Clarinet and Harp at Spring Festival The Hague


2012 December - Première Men Zegt Liefde by the Dutch Wind Ensemble (NBE)

2012 Spring - Première Weerlicht for String Trio; performed by members of the Stuba Phillarmonie at the Oosterpoort Groningen